Talent Management

Underlying successful talent management is nurturing talent to achieve full potential

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Talent Sustains Competitiveness

Creating a resource talent pool starts with unearthing potential talents. flexHR  aids that via recruiting and performance appraisal effectiveness. Nurturing talents with well suited career paths and subsequent succession into critical roles, ensure successful talent retention. flexHR optimizes them in the Career Plan and Succession Plan modules.

Talent Identification

Employee performance appraisal provides an objective gauge of  internal talent candidates

Career Plan

Strategically aligned career mapping and development activities for talent pool qualified employees

Succession Plan

High potential succession candidates for each key job position undergo specialized and strategically planned development activities

Talent Pool And Career Mapping

  • Selected top performers from performance appraisal forms talent pool
  • Individual career path , training needs and gaps mapping
  • Draw-up individual development plan’s activities and schedule
  • Progress assessment and development plan review nd adjustment 
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Key Position Succession Plan

  • Identify key job position(s) for mandatory succession planning
  • Determine succession requirements and search profiles for candidates
  • Select and nominate candidates for position succession
  • Succession gaps and development plan mapping
  • Progress assessment, analysis and development plan adjustment
  • Final successor nomination approval workflow
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Integrated Talent Management

A multi-faceted action strategy is required for talent management to be effective. A integrated system like flexHR is better able to coherently support a wholistic and mullti-faceted approach to talent management.

What Our Clients Say

I am happy to recommend to you the total HR solutions of flexHR. I was impressed by the excellent support from flexHR. All of the support personnel are helpful, knowledgeable and easily accessible.

They have not only helped us in terms of the system support, they have also shared with us their valuable opinions and suggestions on how to improve our current HR practice based on their experience in HR expertise.

Zaini binti Md Yasin, Senior Manager - Manufacturing Company

I started using their software solution one year ago and my business has faced major positive changes since then.

The key factor for choosing flexHR as HR system provider is they are always dedicated to our needs and requirements as well as their ability to supply a comprehensive HR solution from HRMS core system until the strategic analysis system within the means of our budget. We really appreciate the high levels of services that flexHR repeatedly provide.

Cheah Poh Leng, HR Manager - Construction Company

VSM has been working with our company for the last 4 years and has been providing HR software that effectively and efficiently improves our daily operation tasks. The use of services saved us a lot of time and energy in managing all the administrative tasks that previously spent in managing payroll calculation

Noratishah Binti Mohamed, Senior Manager, HRA - Manufacturing Company

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