Human Resource Management

flexHR’s HRMS system covers the full range of workforce processes, bio data and service history information and analytics

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Human Resources Decision Support

Among flexHR’s distinct value is the proactive alerts and ease of retrieving and shaping data into useful decision support information. Its bundled set of 200+ plus reports covers every aspect of HR management, e.g. manpower costs, work attendance, performance appraisal, talent management, training, etc. News analytcs are easily created from any existing reports.

ProActive Alerts

User defined rules of key events are auto flagged for follow-up action, e.g. wage variance of +/-30%, 5% attendance shortfall at work centre, work permit expiry, etc.

Reports & Analytics

Great user experience in using existing and creating new reports by decision makers. Reported data is security limited to the authorized scope.

ProActive Analytics

Enables auto email of key analytics to users when the defined rules are met, thus increasing productivity.

Corporate Recruitment Portal

  • Enhance corporate image
  • Integrated web-end to on-premise end
  • Full featured candidate bank
  • Web-user registration, CV deposit and job application
  • User defined auto applicant filtering rules
  • Blacklisted applicant flagging
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Covers Shortlist To Report For Work

  • User defined auto shortlist criteria
  • Interviewer aid with candidate assessment form
  • Auto email to all interview parties
  • Job offer with approval workflow
  • Auto create staff record at first report for work
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Benefits Package Management

  • User defined benefits claim limit
  • Tight integration to payroll
  • User defined type of benefits such as loan, medical, retirement, scholarship, etc.
  • Loan benefit repayment via auto deduction from payroll
  • Keep track of due date in medical checkup benefit
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Flexi-Benefits Management

  • User defined rules and limits for benefits swapping
  • Staff eligibility setting by package and by benefit items
  • Flexible swaps extends to redeemable vouchers and other off-benefits items
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Leave Management Effectiveness

  • User defined leave type e.g. Haji (or Pilgrimage), Study, Sabbatical, etc.
  • Entitlement set by staff grade, category, each staff, etc.
  • User defined yearly utilization & forfeiture rules
  • Integrated to Leave mobile app, e-Leave, Attendance, Payroll (unpaid leave deduction), Training and Benefits+
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Attendance Management Effectiveness

  • Works with most available clocking devices
  • Real-time clocking via Attendance mobile app
  • Supports clocking device scheduled auto data polling or manual polling
  • Shift and overtime planning and approval workflow
  • AI heuristic for paired clocking that overlaps work and non-work days and holidays
  • Integrated to e-Leave, Benefits, Payroll and Performance appraisal
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Payroll Management Security And Effectiveness

  • Accurate payroll computation with user defined rules and calculation formula
  • Flexible setup for any number of payroll group, payroll period, payroll cycle and cut-off periods
  • Payroll computation set-up applicable to any number of groups, periods and cycles
  • Backpay process includes all pay elements such as statutory, allowance and deduction
  • Payroll computation explanation for ease of self service checking and clarification
  • Integrated to Leave, Benefits, Attendance and Financial System Interface (wage cost distribution in accounting)
  • Secured mobile and web app based payslip access.
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Comprehensive And Secure Employee Bio Data

  • Bio data categories from Personal, Family, Work experience to In-company service history
  • Bio data access control by grouping of employees and by data item (basic pay, birth date, address, family, etc.)
  • Search filter with ranked criteria and ranked results 
  • Point-in-time bio data for time sensitive data items, e.g. basic pay, job title, supervisor, work location, etc.
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Optimized Human Capital Management

Human capital is central to realizing an engaged and efficacious workforce, which in-turn impacts overall business performance. The data confidentiality, comprehensiveness and rich functionalities within flexHR’s system, makes it among the best optimized human capital management system available on-premise or a subscription SaaS service.

What Our Clients Say

I am happy to recommend to you the total HR solutions of flexHR. I was impressed by the excellent support from flexHR. All of the support personnel are helpful, knowledgeable and easily accessible.

They have not only helped us in terms of the system support, they have also shared with us their valuable opinions and suggestions on how to improve our current HR practice based on their experience in HR expertise.

Zaini binti Md Yasin, Senior Manager - Manufacturing Company

I started using their software solution one year ago and my business has faced major positive changes since then.

The key factor for choosing flexHR as HR system provider is they are always dedicated to our needs and requirements as well as their ability to supply a comprehensive HR solution from HRMS core system until the strategic analysis system within the means of our budget. We really appreciate the high levels of services that flexHR repeatedly provide.

Cheah Poh Leng, HR Manager - Construction Company

VSM has been working with our company for the last 4 years and has been providing HR software that effectively and efficiently improves our daily operation tasks. The use of services saved us a lot of time and energy in managing all the administrative tasks that previously spent in managing payroll calculation

Noratishah Binti Mohamed, Senior Manager, HRA - Manufacturing Company

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