Employee Self Service (ESS)
Software for Web & Mobile 

Self service tasks done on the go without compromising work effectiveness and efficiencies.

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Digitalize Workplace With ESS HR Software

Through mobile and web technology, Employee Self Service (ESS) software, helps companies to work effectively and save valuable time and increase data accuracy by enabling employees to do self service administrative tasks.

Real-Time Notification

Real-time push notification to mobile devices alert users of transactions that require their attention and action.

User Friendly Design

Simple, clean and neat design gives user a friendly and intuitive user experience with the mobile and the web app.

Insightful Decision-Making

Intelligent and insightful information direct to user to make strategic decision while “on the go”.

Real-Time Attendance via app (mAttendance) and web (eAttendance)

  • Real-time in-app clocking
  • Real-time COVID-19 and health risk alert to superior
  • Queue-less simple & distributed clocking
  • Geo-location critical attendance handling
  • Secure anti-buddy clocking feature
  • View self & subordinate’s shift calendar
  • Robust and proven backend attendance TMS module
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Leave Self Service via app (mLeave) and web (eLeave)

  • Company policy based leave rules setting
  • Leave integration to Attendance and Payroll
  • Leave calender view for self & for subordinates
  • User definable rules for approval workflow with unlimited approval levels
  • Flexi-benefits linked leave swapping
  • Efficient bulk approval for leave
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Claims Management via app (mClaims) and web (eClaims)

  • Claims to payroll integration for payout
  • One submission for all claim types
  • In-app snap-submit claims on the fly with attachment
  • User definable rules for submission and approval workflow
  • Graphical claims analytics dashboard
  • Alert notification pushed to mobile & email
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Pay Calculation Explanation and Infographics

  • View pay cycle’s monthly summary pay inforgraphics
  • View Year-to-date summary pay inforgraphics
  • Drill down into detail for each pay component
  • Calculation explanation for each pay component
  • Admin set release date of monthly payslip
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Self Update Employee Data

  • Admin set view or edit rights to data items
  • 13 categories of data items are available, i.e.
    • Personal, Address, Family,
    • Qualification, Skill, Membership,
    • Bank Account, Job History, Shift Group,
    • Benefits, Fixed DOE, Service History,
    • Insurance Beneficiary, Photos & videos files
  • User definable flexible approval workflow
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Engage & Evaluate For Job Confirmation

  • User defined evaluation template by job
  • User defined evaluation content (or criteria)
  • Flexible evaluation process workflow
  • Objectively evaluate with score and rating scale
  • Confirmation decision and next action
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Overtime Management

  • Computation with overtime rates, formula and rules
  • Integrated to Attendance and Benefits modules
  • Planned and actual overtime management
  • User definable rules for approval workflow
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Easy Personal Tax Relief Claim

  • Mobile and web app tax relief claim submission
  • In-app snap-submit claim on the fly with attachment
  • Integration to Payroll module
  • Reduce your tax deduction by month instead by year end
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Record, Track Project Task Time

  • Web and mobile app time recording by project & task
  • User defined approval workflow
  • Summary by project and team member
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flexHR Mobile App Employee Self Service Advantage

Self service’s key benefits of distributed and faster workflow completion are both significantly better via the mobile app due to the device ready presence. Its smaller display improves user experience with simpler but functional user interface. Workflow actions occurs faster with push notification and device nearness. Leveraged off flexHR’s enterprise on-premise or on cloud SaaS system, to amplify the advantages of self service to users.

What Our Clients Say

I am happy to recommend to you the total HR solutions of flexHR. I was impressed by the excellent support from flexHR. All of the support personnel are helpful, knowledgeable and easily accessible.

They have not only helped us in terms of the system support, they have also shared with us their valuable opinions and suggestions on how to improve our current HR practice based on their experience in HR expertise.

Zaini binti Md Yasin, Senior Manager - Manufacturing Company

I started using their software solution one year ago and my business has faced major positive changes since then.

The key factor for choosing flexHR as HR system provider is they are always dedicated to our needs and requirements as well as their ability to supply a comprehensive HR solution from HRMS core system until the strategic analysis system within the means of our budget. We really appreciate the high levels of services that flexHR repeatedly provide.

Cheah Poh Leng, HR Manager - Construction Company

VSM has been working with our company for the last 4 years and has been providing HR software that effectively and efficiently improves our daily operation tasks. The use of services saved us a lot of time and energy in managing all the administrative tasks that previously spent in managing payroll calculation

Noratishah Binti Mohamed, Senior Manager, HRA - Manufacturing Company

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